Thank you for visiting and exploring my plan. I hope you find it informative, hopelessly naive, exciting, and incredibly inspiring. I welcome all comments, feedback, and offers of help and support. I also welcome objections, because in dealing with them we will get a headstart on the problems we face.

Who I Am

Who I am is not important. What is important is that I have been actively involved in private religious and political studies and activism now for more than a decade, and several months ago, after the current world situation weighing heavily on my mind, I decided to tackle the problem of world peace, to identify what were the major problems in achieving it, and how they could be successfully overcome. It was, and is my belief, that the governments of the world were not working for and toward peace, and while giving lipservice to Christianity and Democracy, were certainly not following nor demonstrating them. This plan is the result of that undertaking.

What I am Trying to Do

I am attempting to form a successful capitalist business enterprise that will be capable of bringing peace to all peoples of the world, people of all nations and of all religions, without interfering with the autonomy of their various governments or political or economic or religious or social systems.

How I am Trying to Do It

By using a corporate business model I call WorldPeace, Inc., it is my belief that, leading by example, an American-based multinational corporation can demonstrate to the world that peace, and working toward peace, can be more profitable than war, and more profitable for all capitalist business enterprise in general.

Why I am Trying to Do It

If we do not do this, if we do not together find a way to bring lasting worldwide peace to planet earth (without a fascist one-world government) we will either end up in Armageddon in a war that will end all life on earth as we know it, or we will end up with a one-world fascist dictatorship of the rich committing endless genocide on the poor. There is no middle ground here; we are already well on the way to BOTH of these eventualities, simultaneously.

Who Will Do This - A Consortium of the World’s Greatest Minds

It is my intention to oversee and form a consortium, a thinktank if you will, of the world’s greatest minds, to tackle the three most basic problems we, as a world, face. You say there are hundreds, if not thousands, of thinktanks tackling the worlds’ problems, and they’ve never solved anything. What makes you so sure this one will be any different?

Why Current Thinktanks Fail

Most thinktanks are, simply put, not what they seem. Most thinktanks are sophisticated marketing, focus, and lobbying groups, designed on selling and achieving a particular political or economic objective. Rather than identifying an actual existing problem and then working to solve it, they work backwards; they start with a political or economic objective and then work backwards to find, or even create out of nothing, a “problem” that their objective “solves”, and then work to achieve that objective by selling the “problem” they’ve created out of thin air. Thus, most thinktanks are utterly worthless to society as a whole, and why they have such little credibility.

Other thinktanks start out by well-meaning people, who’ve successfully identified real problems, but by not exercising the necessary due diligence, their organization was co-opted from within, into serving various political and economic interests. Yet other thinktanks were corrupted by monetary concerns and dependence on benefactors with their own agendas.

Why This Thinktank Will Succeed Where Others Have Failed

This thinktank will deal with readily identifiable problems, specifically three (which are discussed in detail below), and will exercise the due diligence absolutely necessary to make sure no political or economic influence or pressure will be allowed to corrupt the process. Also, by going to the people of the world for its funding, and achieving 100% of it from private citizens worldwide in this manner, this puts those who would corrupt out of the loop, as there will be no provision whatsoever for corporate or government funding in any way.


The facility for this thinktank will be in Silicon Valley, to have access to the greatest young minds on the planet today. It will be a high security complex, where members can live in comfort and security with their families, in complete safety. Daycare and schools will be provided, and the facility will grow as needed over time, as funding permits. Starting extremely small, each step will be completed as soon as funding is adequate. The thinktank itself will be responsible for future planning, budgeting, and growth, as would be any other corporation or business enterprise.

A Capitalist Solution: Business Plan for WorldPeace Inc.

Making War Unprofitable

There is only one way to make war and defense and offense contracting unprofitable, both for governments and for all private enterpise, and that is to provide more profitable alternatives. There is no other way. Peace must be made as profitable as war.

Why War Is So Profitable

War is profitable for one reason and one reason alone; it is the easiest way to steal from taxpayers, through stealing from their government. In a foreign land with little oversight, under the chaos of war, under the guise of “rebuilding”, trillions can be stolen and are. One look at the past four years proves this beyond all shadow of any doubt. Much of that stolen money is then funneled back into the political party in power, to insure the cycle will continue. Much of that money is used to “sell” endless war to the citizens, to continue the theft. Money that would have been going into social programs to “give back to the people” or into necessary infrastructure like roads, goes into war chests, and into contractors pockets, then back into the party in power. It is an endless cycle that can only be broken when the vultures involved have someplace else to go.

Convince People How They Can Disrupt the Cycle

The first step is educating the public as to what is happening and why. Many people do not realize they have power to change things, by what they choose to purchase and why. I’ve prepared a chart that I call the corporate pyramid.

The Corporate Pyramid

There are four kinds of businesses in this world, and together they form a pyramid. At the top, the smallest number of businesses, you have what I term the CRIMINAL level; these are businesses that directly make money off killing. Defense contractors and weapons manufacturers, in collusion with many governments, make up the CRIMINAL level. Why I’ve used CRIMINAL to describe this level is simple; most of these companies are multi-national corporations and readily SUPPLY BOTH SIDES of all conflicts, including America’s enemies, as well as the American military. If this is not criminal, I don’t know what is. At any rate, it is certainly the MOST immoral of all commerce.

The next level I call MALIGNANT; these are businesses that service the criminal level but do not, themselves, directly produce products that kill instantly. Also producers of products, that if used as directed, kill slowly. Big tobacco is at this level of the pyramid.

The next level I call BORDERLINE, and it is divided into two levels; the first, HIGH BORDERLINE, include businesses that kill people slowly by pollution. Many chemical companies, many energy companies, and all oil companies fall into this level. The next level I call LOW BORDERLINE, and this level includes businesses whose products kill when misused and shorten life; this level is primarily occupied by alcohol and drug companies. Drug companies would be moved into the purely beneficial level of the pyramid if prescription drug advertising was once again outlawed, because I blame this advertising for creating the misuse, the resulting obscene profits, and the resulting pressure on the FDA to make dangerous drugs available.

The bottom level, which contains the vast overwhelming majority of most business enterprise, is what I call BENEFICIAL. These are the product manufacturers and service industries that make a better life for people.

The Corporate Pyramid’s levels, of course, are not completely cut and dried; many top tier companies have tentacles that reach all the way down into the Beneficial Level, as many Malignant Level companies do also. For example, through“diversification”, a defense contractor such as Boeing also makes airplanes for travel, a Beneficial Level enterprise. Altria Corporation, also known as Philip Morris, owns Nabisco and Sara Lee, definitely Beneficial Level companies. So people must be educated as to the final ownership of all business enterprise.

How to Make War Unprofitable - Convincing the Business World that Peace is in their Self-Interest

Why must businesses at the lower levels of the pyramid be educated? Because businesses at the criminal level are DESTROYING THEIR MARKETS. You can’t sell Oreos to dead people. Even businesses at the MALIGNANT level are impacted negatively; you can’t sell cigarettes to DEAD PEOPLE, either. The majority of all businesses MUST make a common decision to excise the cancerous Criminal level that is DESTROYING THEIR WORLDWIDE MARKET. How? By divesting themselves of all Criminal Level stockholdings.

Why must people, in business, and without, be educated? So they can fight. How many people are actually aware they own defense contractor stock? How many people are actually aware they own stock in Philip Morris? What would happen, if, overnight, everyone who owned stock called up their brokerage and told them to divest of all Criminal Level stocks, and all lower level stocks that had final ownership in the Criminal Level? What would happen if people switched their brokerage houses to those that invested only in beneficial level companies and based their entire operation on it?

What would happen, indeed. Defense/Offense contracting would suddenly become a lot less profitable. And beneficial companies would benefit, and grow, and hire.

What about people who don’t own stock? What if they knew what products they bought or services they used on a daily basis were owned by Criminal level companies? What would happen if they choose another brand, another service?

What would happen if people knew that the products they purchased directly funded political parties that were owned by defense contractors? What if there were websites available that printed lists of what companies were the biggest contributors to political parties that pushed and funded war? Two exist currently and are already having an effect in the market.

How to Convince People – Selling peace

Of course, to mount such an advertising and education campaign requires an enormous investment. But if governments can sell war, their peoples, united together, can sell peace to each other, using the same methods. Advertising, advertising, ADVERTISING.

How to logistically operate, proceed, and succeed

Google as a model and potential partner

The people that founded, run, and operate Google, Inc. on a daily basis will be the models for WorldPeace, Inc.; indeed, if enough money can be raised it is my dream that they be made partners. They are brilliant, driven, true believers in their cause, and are a perfect model for a successful enterprise based on creating and maintaining World Peace. Day to day operations would be overseen much the way they run their company, and we would enlist their aid in organization and planning as soon as funding reaches adequate levels. That is why our facility would be based in Silicon Valley.

How to Achieve and Maintain Funding - The Fundraising/Advertising cycle

In order to create world awareness, funds must be raised. These funds are raised through advertising, which in itself creates more world awareness, which can then fund further advertising and fundraising efforts. This is a never-ending cycle that allows increased levels of world awareness and funding, that over time, can raise the absolutely enormous amounts of capital it will take to reach the goals our thinktank sets and then work to carry out those goals. While the fundraising/advertising cycle goes on, various action cycles can be done as funding permits, to actually accomplish the goals set out by the thinktank, and thereby bring peace to the entire world.

Why Do It This Way

Why use a capitalist business model to change a world of war into a world of peace? Because it is the only way that will work. Such a way can start small, grow as it needs to, and yet not interfere with any nations’ sovereign right to self-determination. By enlisting the help of the people of the world, and bypassing their governments completely, you negate the old ways, the old politics, the way of destruction that exists merely“because it has always been this way.” You bypass the small number of people at the “Criminal” level of the business pyramid and go directly to the majority in the bottom that need people and populations to buy products and services. By doing it this way, you can overthrow a tyranny of a small powerful and rich minority, not by destroying them, but by showing them a better more profitable way to DO THE RIGHT THING. Most of these people are not evil; merely misguided. Let’s take a look at them.

The People Currently Not Doing It This Way

The people currently in charge are not governments, or people in political power who supposedly “run” government; the people we’re talking about are above governments. They are a small handful of the world’s most powerful men, and they go by many names, which aren’t important. What is important is that they believe very strongly that they are doing the right things to protect their wealth and power, and the wealth and power of their descendants. They will go to any lengths necessary, including genocide of entire continents, to maintain their wealth and power.

What They Believe

These men believe two basic tenets that drive everything they do:

  1. Earth has finite limited resources; what remains must be secured for me and mine at all costs, and
  2. To the victor go the spoils; all is fair game for theft

How They Accomplish Their Goals

They have many ways to achieve that which they feel they must; first among these is co-opting governments to do their will. This is the most important, for it is easy to buy governments. Those they cannot buy they blackmail into their service. Once they have control of government, they use that control to promote endless war, where they supply both sides. Here they make incredible amounts of money, because they own the game. Not only do they create enemies out of former allies, they steal governments (actually, taxpayers) blind, in first destroying these new enemies with overpriced weaponry that often doesn’t work as intended or promised, and then, in the rebuilding of these destroyed countries after they are conquered. Endless war is quite profitable, and many of these men have ancestors back several generations who acquired great wealth following these tenets. These men do not see what they do as evil; they see it as business as usual, even when it leads to genocide. Law of the jungle; only the strong survive.

Why They Believe the Way They Do

There are three types of men in these organizations. One type is the victim of a warped faithless upbringing, where no sense of G–d or conscience was ever instilled in the child. Such children are often the children of privilege, and everything in life they do wrong is either overlooked or fixed. This creates a situation where the adult becomes a sociopath, albeit a very adroit and pleasant one, well-versed in sociological pleasantries and quite talented at making friends and influencing people.

Another type is a victim of a warped faith upbringing, in which case they are brought up with a demanding and fearful judging G–d, often abusive, one who allows for no mistakes. These children are most often not the children of privilege, and grow up never being able to please their parents or their G–d, to the point they finally reject them altogether. This adult becomes an overt sociopath, often criminal, not adept in social surroundings, a loner but still able to wield considerable power over weaker men.

Sometimes men who are victims of warped faithless upbringing discover faith on their own, in which case it often is warped faith. These men discover faith in a vengeful violent G–d that gives credence to their worst sociopathological and genocidal urges. These men have no idea their g–d is Lucifer pretending to be G–d. I’ve pledged to make this report positive, so I will not point out who fits this profile; it is self-explanatory.

The last, and possibly the most dangerous, as well as being the most demonic, are men who are brought up with a warped faith in evil. This group also grows out of the warped faithless upbringing group, although in some cases men in other groups will often join this group after a personal experience that made them angry at G–d, and experienced shortly afterward, a very real experience with Lucifer. But most of these men never believed in G–d in the first place, as that required faith, and as soon as they encountered any spiritual principality or power, that active and very real force became their g–d. Many men brought up in various secret societal fraternal organizations, and in some religious offshoots, fall into this category. In the beginning they aren’t told that the g–d of these groups is Lucifer, the “light-bearer”, but they learn that later on, after they’ve experienced some of the very real spiritual power. These men are not beyond hope, but once one has experienced real power beyond the human, it is extremely difficult to leave that behind for a G–d that remains invisible, demanding pure faith.

Why They Are Dead Wrong

The Founding Fathers, even though some were members of some of the groups referred to above, were great True Believers in Divine Providence. What Divine Providence means has been lost over the centuries; rarely does anyone talk of it today, but what it means is simply, that G–d Will Provide if we ask. That’s all. And that is the basis of my belief; that if enough of us band together and do the right thing, G–d will provide the means to find answers to our needs, the tough questions that we face. And that, in direct opposition to the beliefs listed above:

  1. The Earth has unlimited natural resources; if we educate and lift up those less fortunate to where they can contribute, new undreamt of answers to today’s energy and resource problems will be found and implemented. Innovation, not decimation.
  2. The First shall be Last; the Last shall be First. Help those in need and they, in turn, will help all of us more than we will ever know.

To sum it all up; the earth’s greatest natural resource is the human mind; nothing is impossible.

The Simple Three-Pronged Approach of WorldPeace, Inc.

Division I: Energy

The greatest problem humanity faces today is energy. The problem of “Peak Oil” is beyond the scope of this plan, but basically we are faced with endless wars of conquest for diminishing natural resources if we don’t immediately find and implement alternatives to Mideast oil. Many people are already hard at work on the problem, and a few are extremely close to a solution. The problem is oil companies in this country wield great power, and as oil becomes more scarce, it also becomes more profitable. Division I of our thinktank will be composed of the world’s greatest minds, working on nothing but renewable energy sources. Once those sources are identified and all costs and feasibility analyzed, their findings will be turned over to Division II.

Division II: Economic - Implementing Change

The second greatest problem humanity faces today is implementing change. One can find all the alternative energy resources one wants; unless the multinational corporations that continue in the old ways can be persuaded to change, nothing will change. Division II will be made up of a group of the greatest economic and business minds in the world, and their task will be twofold; 1, to figure out the best way to change the world from a World Oil Economy to a Renewable Resources Economy, with the least possible economic disruption. They will take the findings and discoveries from Division I and figure out the best ways to implement them while causing the least harm. 2, Their second and related task will be to figure out ways to move the world from War Economies to Peace Economies with the least possible economic disruption. They will utilize only economic non-violent means to make war profiteering and offense/defense contracting utterly unprofitable by discovering, offering, and finally, implementing more highly-profitable clear alternatives that will benefit human society, not destroy one group for the benefit of another. If humanity does not accomplish this task, and soon, humanity will not survive.

Division III: The Mideast Solution/Ending the War Against Terrorism

The Problem of Terrorism and the Solution

Today our world leaders maintain that the greatest threat to world peace is Islamist Terrorist Groups. Well, what do these groups want?

The answer is simple. What these groups, and indeed, the majority of the Arab world want is very basic, and everyone on earth, including all of America, would absolutely want the same if the situation were reversed. They want their land, they want autonomy over their land and lives, they want freedom from the oppression of other countries and their militaries, and their want control of THEIR natural resources, including of course, OIL. Wouldn’t you? Sounds amazingly like“The Declaration of Independence”, doesn’t it?

Islamist Terrorist Groups do not “hate us because of our freedom.” They do not “want us all dead.” They do not “want us all converted to Islam”. These are the lies of rhetoric, rhetoric based on horrific experiences. Terrorism, the “greatest threat to the world today”, is nothing more than one group of human beings’ last ditch desperate attempt to produce EMPATHY in other human beings by forcing them to experience the same horrors that they have experienced at the hands of us and our allies; the death of babies and children to bombs and bullets; the rape and killing of sisters, mothers, daughters, wives, and friends; and the torture, rape, humilitation, and death of brothers, fathers, sons. Terrorism never works, because the human mind, without G–d, only produces hatred and lust for revenge when wronged. Empathy, on the other hand, can ONLY be produced through acts of love and human kindness. It takes much kindness to overthrow one wrong; handing out candy to children means nothing when a foreign country has bombed your babies, raped your women, and tortured your men and boys. The goodness of a few soldiers disappears in comparison to the evil done by their leaders and some other soldiers. End your own wrongdoing and you end the rhetoric; indeed, you end terrorism.

Division III will consist of a group of the greatest social engineering minds in the world today, to work on and implement a workable plan to evacuate all the people now occupying Israel since 1948 to the country of their choice, and RETURN THE LAND TO THE PALESTINIANS, TO WHOM IT MUST BE ASSUMED G–D HIMSELF GAVE THE LAND TO almost 2000 YEARS AGO.

How and Why The Problem Developed

All Division III is attempting to do here is righting a wrong that was done to the Jewish people and supposedly in behalf of the Jewish people in 1948. Because of the rampant anti-Semitism in America, and in particular, the virulent anti-Semitism of its President at the time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it was decided to stem the tide of Jewish immigration to the US by offering Palestine as a substitute destination. Millions of European and Balkan Jews, indeed, Jews from all over the world, that relocated there, would have come to the United States instead. In the United States they would have become assimilated, and would have added to America’s vast wealth in human resources, the most important resources ANY COUNTRY HAS. Because of one adminstration’s hatred and political shortsightedness, they forced the United Nations to create a situation that will inevitably lead this world to Armageddon. Absolutely, NO QUESTION, these brothers, both sons of Abraham, will never live in peace, because the answer to peace lies buried too deeply in their religions. And they haven’t found it in centuries. Perhaps when they are not forced to be such close neighbors, they will find a way to become friends.

The Inspiration for This Solution

The inspiration for this solution comes from, at first, what would seem to be a most unlikely source. But given the depth of the problem, it’s breadth across all of human history, and the source of the solution being intimately familiar on a personal basis with both parties involved, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense; indeed, the only sensible solution.

This solution is so simple, so elegant, and yet the most difficult thing in the world to do. Jesus Christ, in His sermon on the mount, said the following words, and they are SO important, the very ESSENCE of Christianity in one paragraph, the account is in the Bible TWICE. (I’ve taken the most important parts for brevity’s sake, but by all means, read everything in between FOR YOURSELF in whatever translation you prefer to make sure I’ve not taken anything out of context; I know you will find what lies in between only reinforces the essence of the message.)

MATTHEW 5:38-41

“You have heard that the Law Of Moses says ‘If an eye is injured, injure the eye of the person who did it. If a tooth gets knocked out, knock out the tooth of the person who did it.’ But I say, don’t resist an evil person! If you are slapped on the right cheek, turn the other, too. If you are ordered to court and your shirt is taken from you, give your coat, too. If a [Roman] soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles.”

MATTHEW 5:43-44

“You have heard that the law of Moses says ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” (Some manuscripts add “Bless those who curse you; do good to those that hate you.”) which ties in with the Luke account.

LUKE 6: 27-35

“But if you are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies. Pray for the happiness of those that curse you. Pray for those who hurt you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek. If someone demands your coat, offer your shirt also. Give what you have to anyone who asks for it; and when things are taken away from you, don’t try to get them back. Do for others as you would like them to do for you.”

LUKE 6:38

“If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaking together to make room for more, and running over.”

Jesus Christ did not just say these words; He LIVED and DIED by them.

You Cannot Negotiate With Terrorists

But prevailing wisdom says this is madness, one cannot, must not ever, negotiate with terrorists. For they are unreasonable, insane, and will want more and more, until only your death and the genocide of your people will satisfy them.

That is a LIE. Jesus’ life says“Give your enemy what he needs (not just what he wants) and he will, in most cases, cease to be your enemy.” Because all sane men only want peace, safety, and prosperity for their children and families. But if he will not cease, follow me to the cross in love. For in doing so you give your enemy every possible opportunity to right themselves with G–d, to repent and ask for forgiveness. This cannot happen if you fight, and will never happen if you subjugate your enemy, or you are “forced” to subjugate your enemy in order to “liberate him” from “evil leaders.” This is why Christ, when the Romans came for Him, and Peter cut off one of the Roman soldiers’ ears, put the ear back and immediately healed the man. This is why thousands of early Christians went to their deaths by lions and tigers in the Roman arena SINGING. If they hadn’t, we’d know no more of Christ and Christians than any other now extinct group of people subjugated by the Romans. May G–d grant none of us have to go even half as far, but evacuating Israel looks much easier now, doesn’t it?

THIS is THE Answer that Jesus, not me, provided. Not how to destroy your enemy for all time, but how to make your enemy, and indeed, ALL ENEMIES your best friends throughout all time.

How WorldPeace, Inc. Will Work to Fix The Problem

With the problem of Division I solved (a global alternative energy source) and the problem of Division II being solved and implemented (the permanent global economic transition from oil to alternative renewable resources and from a global war economy to a global peace economy) America and the rest of the global superpowers (including China) will no longer need oil. America will no longer need a 51st State military outpost (Israel) in the Mideast, or for that matter, a 52nd State (Afghanistan) a 53rd State (Iraq) a 54th State (Syria) a 55th State (Iran) or a 56th State (Saudi Arabia.) One-third of all funds raised (after 10% charitable donations) will be used, first, in a multi-billion dollar PR campaign to convince Israelis that Zion, indeed that Israel, for them, lies elsewhere, anywhere where two or more are gathered in G–d’s name with G–d, and that the land of Palestine needs to be returned completely to the Palestinians in order for the world to avert Armageddon/Jihad. Israelis that want to remain will be able to do so, of course, but under the political and economic autonomous control of a new Palestinian government that will be elected by the Palestinians themselves with help from the United Nations. Hopefully those few who will choose to remain will be treated better from the gratitude of those Palestinians who received their country back than the Palestinians have been treated by the Israeli government and army the past decades. If not, further emergency evacuation procedures will be planned and implemented. The rest of the monies received will also be used to hire the United States military to oversee and implement all phases of the evacuation, as well as assistance in resettlement and relocation to their country of choice, where they will become immediate naturalized citizens. This will obviously require the cooperation of the entire world.

Understand that no one will be leaving Israel against their will. No one will be forced to leave, it will be our job to convince people it will be in their own best interests to leave.

Understand also that no one will be leaving Israel empty-handed. Part of the money we raise will be used to buy the land, the houses, the buildings, the military, and the entire infrastructure back. Once the majority of Israelies decide leaving is in their best interests, their property will be purchased from them at full market value so they can successfully rebuild elsewhere, and then and only then will the Palestinians be able to take lawful posession of it. That will be one of the biggest tasks of their new government, deciding who is entitled to what and why. Those who do not leave will maintain ownership of their property under the protection of the new government.

Essentially, WorldPeace, Inc. is raising the money to buy back Palestine to then return it to the Palestinians freely. It is far more expensive than mere terrorism, but much more profitable in the long run. Because it is not as expensive as war, either in monetary cost or in loss of life. Who in this world can put a price on peace?

Is This Really the Only Solution?

Yes. By now it should be obvious to all that the only reason it hasn’t been implemented or even suggested is economic; war profiteering is extremely profitable for a small handful of people that own much of the world’s infrastructure.

And unless WorldPeace, Inc. is able to make peace more profitable than war, war will never end, until mankind destroys itself completely.

What This Plan Is NOT

One-World Government Scheme?

Isn’t this what governments are for? Isn’t this what they’re supposed to be doing? Isn’t this an oblique attempt at gaining political power?

Yes. Yes. No.

Yes, governments should be doing this. The reason they are not is because the people making the most money from war buy them. Yes, they should be doing this.

No, this is not a play for political power. I believe, as Jesus Christ did, that political power should be avoided at all cost. This is a business enterprise, and in order for it to work, the nations of the world must retain their own autonomy.

Evangelism is Folly

All evangelism is folly. This includes religious evangelism, economic evangelism, and political evangelism. Whenever one party sets out to convert another, failure is assured.

Religious Evangelism

Jesus Christ was NOT an evangelist. He never attempted to convert anyone at anytime from one belief system to another. All He did was lead His life as an example, and said to all, if you so choose, follow me. That’s all. He knew that living as an example was the best way to lead. He never had to convince anyone of the truth; He WAS the Truth.

Economic Evangelism

Economic evangelism doesn’t work either. The failure of communism and socialism prove that no matter how you try, economic systems can only be successful in converting others to the cause by example. Good examples are emulated; poor ones are avoided.

Political Evangelism

This form of evangelism is the most dangerous of all. One cannot convert a group of people from one political system or belief to another. Communism did not give way to Democracy in Eastern Europe because of political evangelism; it did so because it was following a much better example. No one charged into Europe with tanks, guns, and bombs to “liberate” or “free” East Berlin or any of the other Iron Curtain countries; indeed, if that tact had been taken, we’d either still be fighting today, or extinct from an all out nuclear conflagration between the U.S.S.R. and the United States.

Political evangelism is often only a cover for the imposition of the tyranny of Empire, and used by fascist dictatorships, plutocracies, and oligarchies masquerading as democracies. It also pumps up war economies and makes the ground fertile for the graft, corruption, and obscene profit that inevitable follows.

No, the best way and the only way, to lead and indeed, even convert, is by setting an incredible unbeatable example.

Why A One-World Government Will Not Succeed

At first glance, it would seem that uniting the entire world under one government would be a good idea. Unfortunately, this is the ultimate recipe for disaster. For, by having only one centralized government to deal with, multinational corporations, plutocracies, and oligarchies would have what would be essentially “one-stop shopping”; they would know exactly who to buy, and the result will be the worst form of dictatorial fascism the world has ever seen. And no one will be calling it a dictatorship, fascism, an oligarchy, a plutocracy, Empire, or even a monarchy either; they will be, and already are, calling it Democracy.


It is my fervent personal belief that if the above three steps are carried out, by the greatest minds in this world, of all nationalities and all religions, working together, CIRCUMVENTING their governments and without any influence whatsoever of evil, including, but not limited to, economic marauders, evil and/or insane leaders, war profiteers and robber barons and other criminal organizations, THAT WE WILL TOGETHER BRING ABOUT A LASTING WORLD PEACE. And more importantly, that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE SHOULD BE DOING.

And how does peace in the Mideast bring about peace throughout the world? By using the same principles and following the same successful example, the people of the world working together with WorldPeace, Inc. will one by one utilize the same strategy and apply it to every trouble spot in the world as it comes up, and provide and implement a similar workable solution. If the people of the world working together with WorldPeace, Inc. can solve the Mideast problem permanently, we can solve anything.

For example, North Korea. All North Korea wants is assurances that America will not attack them. EVER. If America is no longer attacking anyone anywhere in the world, this is easy to prove. And even easier to prove if America provides North Korea with a new source of renewable power and MORE.

Even if you severely disagree with your enemy, you get more by helping them than fighting them. ALWAYS. As long as the policy is CONSISTENT, and based on empathy and love. In business it is called “win-win” negotiating. Our world has lost sight of this concept, or never learned it in the first place. It’s time to teach, by example.

And to those who would say “There’s not enough money in the world to even begin to do this”, I say to you: If there is enough money for endless war that can never be won, there is MORE than enough money to fund peace and MAKE IT VIABLE.


To those who finance terrorism and war of all stripes (and stars);






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